A group of socially- conscious scientists, (both retired and working) formed the society, named “SOCIETY FOR PROMOTION OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH & KNOWLEDGE (SPARK)”. SPARK is fully involved in transfer of the latest agro technologies to the farmers of the most backward districts of Bihar in order to ensure subsistence and sustenance of nutrient food security among the most vulnerable populations including farm women and children through the Front line demonstrations.

The demonstrations focus on the production of quality protein maize both through single crop as well as intercrop. In addition, production of hybrid maize using good agricultural practices has been projected and demonstrated. SPARK also arranged the seeds and other critical inputs for the farmers of flood affected villages and the contingency planning for their agricultural and live stock management with minimum inputs.

SPARK has been training the the farmers for resource conservation, fuel saving but at the same time harvesting the higher yield through Zero-Tillage and for this provided free Tractor drawn Zero-Till machine on Panchayat. Just after receding the flood water, the technique given to farmers has provided higher dividend growing wheat without tilling the soil with the help of the machine.

The Society is procuring quality seed from different corners of the country suitable to the agro-climatic zones and providing the same to farmers.

All these activities are aimed for the social and economic up-liftment of poor farmers, their nutritive security, sustainable production and welfare of the society and working with the concept of no profit no loss, which deserves the exemption from the income tax as it is charitable in functioning. SPARK being an association of agricultural scientists, the farmers of different agro-ecological zones are able to get maximum help and assistance through its various activities.