● To contribute in the development of productive, sustainable, and equitable agriculture and rural development.

● To work in partnership with farmers, toward their empowerment, building on their indigenous knowledge systems and for environmental awareness.

● To undertake projects and assignments for carrying out research and development, to impart training and to bring out journals, newsletters and other publications in furthering the promotion of agricultural research and knowledge.

● To serve as a link between the scientific community and other organizations in support of developing a framework for agricultural research aimed at alleviating poverty, achieving food security and sustainable use of natural resources, for rural up liftment and environmental protection.

● To undertake tasks for the identification of priority research and development projects through suitable mechanisms, and to execute including collaborative projects in transferring technology from national agricultural research systems and other R&D organizations.

● To convene seminars, symposium, meetings, workshops, panel discussions etc periodically for exchange of information in order to identify emerging challenges, and prepare policy guidelines and programs in the field of agricultural research and development either independently or jointly or on behalf of the organizations of national and international repute.

All the incomes, earnings, movable/or immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objectives only as set forth in the memorandum of the society and no profit thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profit or in any manner whatsoever to the present or the past members of the society or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members. No members of the society shall have any personal claim on any movable or immovable properties of the society or make any profits, whatsoever, by virtue of this membership.