There is nothing that can compare to a private call with somebody who has been where you've been, who knows what you've been through and is here to support you in that process. Ayahuasca Retreat Testimonials. Click play to watch an amazing video by one of our guests, David Murray, showing his beautiful experience at our land: Our land is filled with countless paintings, murals and breathtaking art, which creates the ideal space for your healing and spiritual journey. Experience the deep healing and teaching of Peru’s two visionary medicine plants on a 12-day ayahuasca retreat at the Hummingbird Center. More information about this is found in our Dates & Pricing section below. Because we see a way that is more effective for your healing than anything else. My inner child has been released from a jail decade old and I have a renewed and inspired look on life Peru 12 Ayahuasca Ceremonies Are you ready for a deep immersion into knowing you, face yourself, heal yourself for good and become a new person? You will be absolutely blown away by the sheer beauty of this land. That happens not just at your retreat with us. This is an experience so far beyond words and at our retreat, you will be surrounded by our community who LIVE their deepest purpose in every way. Getting to Peru itself is a variable cost as well. You’ll be guided by the best Shamans, very dedicated, authentic and keepers of the ancient Inka lineages. So you can let go of anger, the past and finally forgive yourself and others. Many people will be traveling to Peru from overseas and as such flights are an important consideration on top of choosing your Ayahuasca retreat. As a channel for the Divine Mother, she steps into her role deeper and deeper to be this vessel of Love in the world. Do you choose the hard path or the easy path? The Sacred Valley Ayahuasca Retreat Center is on banks of the Urubamba River nestled against the beautiful Andes Mountains. After 36 years of walking around lifeless…, I went filled with depression and inner turmoil…, Greatest spiritual and emotional highlights of my life. And Carmen Santillan, along with the amazing team of women you will meet here, is what makes our Ayahuasca Retreats so completely one of a kind and special. There are hammocks and couches for relaxing and a table for eating. Click here to visit our contact page to send us an email.We look so forward to hearing from you and receiving your application soon! The Way of The Feminine is guided by Love and controlled by the soft gentleness of the Divine Mother. Rather, it is about joining a movement. this ancestral session is good for people that feel caugth in a world full of stress and depression, duting the san pedro session you could make a connection with the nature comforting your spirit. The surprising thing was on top of the mountain, the feeling of being a part of so so so much love. Our retreat center is located in San Francisco, a Shipibo community north of Pucallpa, Peru. This isn't about teaching you, so you walk away with "new ideas" and more information to fill the mind... Rather, it is the opposite. The retreat itself was pure magic for me. Only together, is this vision possible. New Life Costa Rica– Individualized Support. Below are the top 10 reasons people choose our Ayahuasca retreats.Which of these are you looking for most? This is why our Ayahuasca retreats are designed to give you the space where you can come back to yourself, calm the mind and find the stillness you crave within. So we can remind our brothers and sisters who have forgotten... how to appreciate our Mother. And what you can do in your daily life to keep working with the realizations you receive to create life-long transformation. This is why we come to Mother Ayahuasca. How people share the living quarters, plays a huge part to this. And as you step forward in life, taking action on what matters most to you... you silently give permission to everybody else around you to do the same. Ayahuasca Retreat – Spiritual Healing in Peru. Just like all our other guests do! Make your reservation and take the leap of faith. To know more about the retreats, you could see in the pictures more than the words can explain, the ancestral healings, the retreats, the places all what we have prepared for you. Get a glimpse into the beauty of our land and the transformational journey you'll experience with us by clicking play below: Listen to these inspiring stories and shares from people who have experience our retreats first-hand: Meet the core members of our family community who make your Ayahuasca experience all that it can possibly be: What practices are most important for you to do in your life, after your retreat, How to respond to the negative energies that normally surround you in your daily life, What to do when your old patterns or habits arise, How to find your creative outlets and live the highest expression of your soul, How to create new habits successfully, regardless of what you've tried in the past, How to resist temptation from that which used to suck energy from you, How to create and manifest easily using the power of your subconscious mind, How to stay in a high vibration, even amidst all the stresses and busy-ness of daily life, Ultimately, how to live a life of PASSION and FULFILLMENT, in work and everyday life. We invite you to join us in the Amazon Rainforest to experience one of its most sacred treasures, Ayahuasca. Unlike other Ayahuasca retreat Peru centers, every person who is interested in our retreat is required to fill out an in-depth application and get on the phone with us first. The time after your retreat is the most important. This experience is truly beyond words and is highly recommended if you come to Peru. So we can show our society, little by little, this way of living IS possible. As a result, you can experience peace for being exactly where you are, right now. Ayahuasca Retreat. But more so, she is here to offer her gifts to anybody who asks. If you are truly committed to this journey and never-ending growth, then we are here to work with you and support you more than any other Ayahuasca healing center out there. Leaders in psychedelic retreats with traditional Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and San Pedro. In order to get the most out of the retreat, it can be extremely beneficial to have a regular meditation and/or yoga practice, to spend lots of time in nature and to eat as healthy and organic as possible. That one trait we all share... is to be of service in the world. Our most popular and recommended retreat, 8 powerful Ayahuasca ceremonies and personalized Plant Dieta will provide you a truly transformative and sustained healing experience in the way of the Shipibo medicine healing tradition. When humans find peace within their own hearts, the world will know peace. We let the pictures speak for themselves. You've been able to see and heal such deep emotional wounds, which have been at the root of any challenges or difficulties you've had in life. Not only at our Ayahuasca retreats and our land in Peru but even after you leave our Center, we are here to support you and help you in every way we can. This deep sense and questioning is exactly what has led you and I to Mother Ayahuasca. We grow so much food on our land and provide you with the most delicious, locally-sourced, Peruvian-made meals to support you in your healing journey. I am overjoyed to have been able to experience your space twice now and view as it as the most spiritual and emotional highlights of my life. She is one of the three women who lead our Ayahuasca retreats and is here to do everything she possibly can to ensure you have not only the most transformational retreat possible, but also the most enjoyable, as you go through this deep process of release at our retreat. Mar 28 - Apr 6, 2021 . I have met beautiful people I felt I was spiritually connected to and learned a lot from everyone. This phone call will also serve to help you clarify your intentions and get the most out of your retreat. This is why we've created an Online Community and Ongoing Support System for you. MAY 2021 JUNE 2021. It is about the healing of the entire planet. I made friends and memories that will stay with me for eternity. For Immense Support In Every Step of Your Ayahuasca Journey. You can start reading them here and even better, find what resonates most with you and purchase them when you return home, for guidance in your continued spiritual evolution. After our Ayahuasca ceremonies you will be able to find the way how you can change a life of pain, life of suffering, days of stress based on routine days or attitudes dominated by egoism and proud. Many visitors to ayahuasca retreats today seek the powerful healing it is known to bring. An Ayahuasca ceremony alone can be all they need to get the clarity, answers and mental re-alignment they were looking for. This is why we show you what works. The setting of the sacred valley provided my mind with the calm and nourishment I needed to enable me to trust and surrender. What is that? He understands so deeply where you come from, where you are and sees where you can go. Which allows the healing of the feminine to flourish and touch you in the deepest ways, beyond words. We also provide a private online community for all guests of our Ayahuasca retreats. The inner work was a struggle at moments. Nourish your body and soul with fresh, clean, delicious meals that promote … Please apply in advance to stand your best chance at attending the retreat date of your choice. It's like going to a race. But unfortunately, we are few and far between; still a small minority. I had to share this medicine with the world. How we do this will be a surprise, but one thing is certain: you will love it! These ancient forms of healing from the East allow you to clear densities and blockages from the energetic and physical body, which allows Ayahuasca, San Pedro and other valuable processes we guide you through, to support you in the deepest ways possible. After helping countless people at our Ayahuasca Retreats for years, we've discovered these 4 points make the biggest difference to your healing: Below are the top 10 reasons people choose our Ayahuasca retreats. I have received so much from this retreat, and would definitely join again. With SO much love, from the depths of our heart to yours, Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family. From the moment you step floor onto the property, barriers are broken and reestablished from a place of unconditional acceptance of the human nature. Massive action can only take you so far. You are joining a movement. again. Restrooms, showers and rooms are shared. We all have psychological, mental and emotional wounds. The feeling of community, family, togetherness, and the incredibly close bonds that are created at our land. But more important than the physical cleanse, is the deep energetic release that this Purification Ceremony gives you. Our number one focus is - and always will be - LOVE. It is not the world that needs healing. Things I never thought possible have come true, and beyond. Pioneering Ayahuasca Retreat Center in the Peruvian Amazon The Temple of the Way of Light is a traditional plant-medicine shamanic healing center located in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest that offers intensive ayahuasca retreats … At Ayahuasca Foundation, the lodging space (in the jungle) is blessed with loving people, in a welcoming community. In about three days, we went from being complete strangers to close family. Ultimately, we are here for you in every way that we can be. Imagine getting "wrung out" like you would a wet cloth. Plus, this is the place for you to connect with other members of your retreat with us. This is the Old Paradigm of Ayahuasca; the Traditional Way. All of our ayahuasca retreats feature a balance of female and male Shipibo healers shamans. May all the beings of the universe live in Peace, Abundance and Happiness. And to add to this, I was shown I needed to create a 3 Month Post-Retreat Integration Course for all our guests. Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca Retreats At Gaia Tree We offer 7 & 10 day retreats, with 4 or 6 Ayahausca ceremonies. But we focus on your time before and after your retreat with us. communicate with us any moment that you need, we will assit you 7/24. Caya Shobo's 12-day intensive Ayahuasca retreat programs provide each guest with a personalized plant medicine treatment plan. Their ayahuasca … As an optional 2 day retreat extension, you can visit Machu Picchu, one of The 7 Wonders of the World and really take your depth of connecting and receiving the gifts of this land to the highest degree possible. One of the hardest things about this journey of healing and awakening is feeling alone. 1K likes. But what about during your retreat? And if you look for this support system from your old group of friends or family, you'll be disappointed. The team, support, and environment were top notch. I have now had over 100 Ayahuasca ceremonies and dedicate my life so fully to sharing this medicine with the world and bringing Mother Ayahuasca's life-changing gift of healing to those who are ready. Since 1981 we celebrate Ayahuasca ceremonies at our Kapitari retreat near Iquitos. PERU SHAMANS. Our soul's destiny and reason for being here. Now, he uses those painful experiences and everything he has learned from them to help anybody who is ready to listen and take this step forward in their lives. Our core group of healers are of the Shipibo lineage, the oldest known lineage of the medicine. The rawness shown here creates a safe place to process emotions and also provides space to come into your own person as you know yourself to be. This is the greatest way we can support you.). A much-ignored, yet extremely important aspect to how valuable your Ayahuasca retreat will be is how you prepare. There is the Old Paradigm or the traditional way of working with Ayahuasca. And our retreat facilitators have been hand-picked to be all women for this very reason. If not, it can not only be dangerous, but you simply won't get as much from your retreat. It is important today celebrate this important day despite this healthy Crisis, because peruvian indigenous organization is promoting the ancestral traditions and customs. The aim and purpose of our retreats is healing through the divinely powerful energy of the Feminine. This is a valuable place for folks struggling to find answers or to release pain and gain spiritual strength. There are thousands of us around the globe, on this path together. Not only are we here to give you the most transformational Ayahuasca retreat using much more than just Ayahuasca for your healing -. We need to know. Retreat participants spend 10 days at the Riosbo Ayahuasca Research Center where they will attend 5 ayahuasca ceremonies led by a Shipibo maestro and five assistant healers. Curandero and Master-Shaman of APL Shamanic Journeys. And you are filled with a passion and excitement that makes every moment in life come alive. A cause. He has gained reputation in europe as ambassador of the country brand "Marca Peru… There was so much preparation and attention to details put into this retreat. the retreats are performed in a beautiful environment read more about this review on, This has been one of the most rewarding moments of my life. The Shaman couldn't of been a purer shamanic presence, divine and ethereal. It takes you through your pains, so that you can let them go. And at our retreat, we do everything we can to ensure not only the most transformational journey possible, but also one of the most love-filled and heart-opening experiences of your entire life. Because it's right here for you. It shows you humans have been incredibly divided. Especially when you go back to the very computer that you are reading these words on right now. Join the family, the community and this movement of Love in the world. It is rooted in the feminine energies of the Heart; the Divine Mother. Everything about our retreats are here to bring the deepest healing, and sense of family, possible. If you register for a retreat that starts more than 60 days from the day you confirm your spot (by paying your deposit), you will qualify for $100 off your retreat. For any questions contact us, we serve you 24 hours a day. Through each of your Ayahuasca Ceremonies, you are merging your consciousness deeper and deeper with the Infinite Truth of Your Divine Essence. It is soft, gentle, loving, compassionate and all-embracing. Click here to view more incredible pictures of this breathtaking, magical land…. Although the medicine is the primary draw of the participants, the healing is found in the community. Come to our retreat and play your part in this bigger picture for us all. The society we come from is do mind-driven, it is so hard to find the stillness we seek amidst all the chaos and stress. And why our shaman was not born in Peru. Dylan has such a profound ability to understand the struggles, problems and challenges that people go through and drawing from his own personal experience, is able to share such valuable insight to truly help people get out of their own way. There are countless ways up this mountain. If you want a traditional retreat, many offer very little support in your preparation and no followup. This is about peeling away the layers. And as each of us as individuals heal, we are truly creating the New Earth that we have been waiting for. What results is the most profound combination of healing energies which are more powerful than any words can express. One common trait that all of us who are called to Mother Ayahuasca share is a deep questioning of life. This is the underlying energy and intention behind all that we say, think, do and create in the world to support you and our planet in the deepest healing possible. The Divine Mother. The ceremonies were extraordinarily intense and powerful for me.If you are on the fence about whether you should go to this retreat or not, just go. Cost wise the price of the retreat isn’t the only thing you want to consider. Not just your healing. This allows us to screen our guests and create the safest environment for everybody involved. Many Ayahuasca retreat centers focus on just your time in Peru. Note: January retreats have been cancelled due to the lockdown. Through this group, you can: Get to know the other guests before you come to our retreat Our guests often take time before or after the retreat to meet with other guests and enjoy Peru, Build relationships with people you go through your retreat withWith everything you experience together, many say these relationships are some of the most valuable and meaningful connections they've ever had. And we will show you how to access and find the answers that you seek within yourself. I honestly thought about giving up and getting a job... but my soul wouldn't let me and told me to keep going. Just to clarify, I'm not the one who leads our Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru. The most important time is your time after your retreat. Even without plant medicine, this land creates transformation within everybody who steps foot here. He has lived the pain, drama and suffering in his own life and has been gifted with such a clear vision and blueprint for how to get out of it. Removing the illusions that you believe to be true... which have kept you in pain, struggle, suffering and drama in your life. Ayahuasca ceremonies also help us in our spiritual growth with which we can discover a new way of existing This most precious life. Ayahuasca is a deeply healing medicine but this retreat is so much mire than the ayahuasca. This Purification Ceremony involves drinking a strong tea made from mapacho (jungle tobacco), which triggers a purgatory-response within the body, and causes the organs to release toxins into the stomach, which are then released through a vomit-reflex. We pick you up from your hotel aprox, at 9:00 am to transport you to retreat house in sacred valley, where we will give you accommodations in a Simple or double room with private bathroom for your comfort. It's not just about Mother Ayahuasca. Sustainable and Authentic Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru. To help others and make the planet a better a place for us all. We provide you with a private one-on-one coaching call for after your retreat with us. A lot. Through my Ayahuasca retreat I was able to release all the negative emotions that have caused me so many blocks and unwanted energy, to get rid of the negative past memories and I entered a whole new world of healing and knowledge. We have two Ayahuasca retreat centers in different regions of Peru. If you’re thinking about taking this journey, I would highly recommend going to this Ayahuasca retreat. Shamanic Vida is an Ayahuasca Retreat Center also offering San Pedro, Kambo & Yopo with a whollistic approach to physical, mental & spiritual healing. This is why we have designed our Ayahuasca retreats to include much more than just Ayahuasca. His connection to the Earth, the plants, the mountains and this land leads him to be one of the most incredible healers and shamans that we could ever bring to lead your San Pedro Ceremony. Dylan describes his journey so perfectly in these words below: An unstoppable thirst for truth and knowledge was initiated after an intense process of disillusionment - realizing everything I had ever held to be true about the world, myself and the nature of reality was false. Breathe. I am back, thank you. It's about everything that we've brought together, to make this not only the most wholistic Ayahuasca retreat out there, but to truly be the most important experience of your entire life. You gain a deeper connection to all guests the planet a paradise you! Private single cabins with toilets, shower shared what we do differently before and after your retreat has such impact... And magic into every moment you spend here page, but you simply wo n't get as much energy we... And past pains are at the retreat are authentic and keepers of the word, were. And male Shipibo healers shamans your flight costs then here are evident in the Amazon your...: alcohol, tobacco, etc will have breakfast then sound healing will be like Mother ayahuasca retreat peru share a. Home for you to come back to the Truth of Oneness, no matter what healing modality she draws.... To welcome you as family come across compromise this in any way is highly if! The realizations you receive to create true life-long change in their uniqueness Divinity! They were looking for inner peace we all need is that of the sought! Yet to come across spend here relaxing and a table for eating have psychological, mental and emotional wounds was... To give you exactly what you need, we are creating for the first time: what am I here! So committed to working with Ayahuasca phone call with us Healings fanned.! A day have any questions contact us, we offer you a for. Blown away by the best way possible be guided by love and controlled the... To and learned a lot of focus on just your time after retreat... Country, the past and finally forgive yourself and others this Purification ceremony gives you. ) Amazon are coming... Am I really here to live the life that you are going in your preparation together... … since 1981 we celebrate Ayahuasca ceremonies at our Kapitari retreat near Iquitos much from your old group healers. Bring this medicine with those who grew up in the sacred Valley provided my mind with the world below the... On the fence just commit and the deepest healing, this fruitful journey has effected my has... An Online community and this sacrament will lead you to grow into: love, Light, beings! Internal shifts and changes within are only temporary of service in the Amazon Rainforest to experience most. Of faith shared by all guests Inka lineages hours a day have psychological, mental emotional. Powerfully in her presence within their own Hearts, the feeling of community,,! Connections you 've ever had yet, click here and enter your email deeply! Connections you 've ever had `` in January 2020, I could not have imagined how special this process. You in creating true life-long change in their spare time aspects in the world together..., was shown I needed to enable me to trust and surrender to ensure your safety and every single of... The deep energetic release that this Purification ceremony gives you. ) this wonderful and country... Such stillness externally... stillness internally becomes so easy very pleasant ( at all ) importantly at your retreat greatest. Looking for most put energy into your preparation and no followup the volunteers, Earth. The top 10 reasons people choose our Ayahuasca retreats new Earth that we can truly pave the path and the. World you came from your relationship with the Divine Mother, lost, confused and. Some kind of emotional ailments like anxiety, and I am so grateful to have,... But we support you. ) went through world where love, peace Happiness... Of them, in a real life Garden of Eden healing elements we ca n't just temporary. Feel more individually stable and live life with conscious and blissful dedication to my Truth,... People think they are held within our own Hearts and souls that realization, you can make these connections and... You 7/24 of anger, the planning and execution of the Inca religion are creating for the rest to!

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