It’s a wish or a desire of a person. The meaning of the name Aarit is “one who seeks the right direction”. It is the modern transcript of Shankara. Adved is one of the best Buddhist baby names in Marathi. Find meaning of name Chaitanya, its synonyms, religion, numerology, similar names and other details with FirstCry baby name finder. Name Suggestion Select Religion : --Select-- Assamese Bengali Gujarati Hindu Kannada Malayalam Marathi Sanskrit Sikh punjabi Sindhi Tamil Telugu Muslim Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s younger son is named as Yug, which also means Kaal or period. Poornima means the full moon night which also symbolises brightness and full of light. Looking for some Marathi boy names? The meaning is quite beautiful, and people find this name quite attractive as well. It kind of describes the person as a positive and good force which is coming to perform good things. The meaning of the name Farah is “happiness”. Here is a beautiful Sanskrit baby girl name in Marathi that you can consider. A fair child can rightly be christened as Dhaval as will go with his complexion. Laksh means aim while Naksh means having great quality. Farrah and Muskaan mean one who smiles. He published over 120 books in Malayalam and 80 books in English, as well as a number of articles on philosophy, psychology, social ethics and aesthetics. If you are looking for happy names, here is our choice. It means the end of the night when it is dawn. Aditi in Sanskrit means boundless. In Sanskrit, it means golden and gold, respectively. Boon-mee is a popular Buddhist choice which means lucky or a fortunate boy. Sanskrit word Janya literally means born or arising or produ.. A word from Sangam Tamil Emi means தனிமை (एकांत) lonely or r.. Anumati (Sanskrit अनुमति) is ancient word of Sanskrit origin.. Kuhu The One Who is the Goddess of New Moon Day, new moon. Thus Narendra means Lord of the Men. Search a huge list of Popular and Unusual Marathi Baby Boy Names list with meanings on Rajendra is the Marathi name derived from the Sanskrit word Raja which means king and Indra which means lord. Chaitanya is a documentary film maker and film director. They signify they will stand the test of time and could be an ideal choice for the baby twins who look alike. It also means auspicious, suitable or excellent. It is a combination of two Sanskrit words “Nisha” meaning night and “ant” meaning end. It is another name for Lord Buddha. Get more detail and free horoscope here.. It is also the name of Goddess Lakshmi. The name is very popular among the middle-class Marathi families and is also regarded as one of the best Marathi names for baby boy. This name symbolizes the Goddess of Victory. Gauri means white. One who is newly born is termed as Navjat in Marathi.It also means a fort which is the mountain of the ocean. It also means one who is faithful. This name is generally used for the people who belong to the city of Miraj. This modern Marathi girl names meaning is immeasurable or infinite. Anuj means younger or the one who is born later. Here is another beautiful Marathi name for a girl. It is an alternative transcription for Nirav which in Sanskrit means silent or quiet. One who is very different than others. Marathi girls love this name, and they have a great time spelling this name. In this article, we have brought you more than 150 Marathi names to choose from so that you can get the ideal name for your little bundle of joy that will go well with their personality. In fact, the Aswins are the twin Hindu Gods of the sunrise and the sunset. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s son’s name is Aazad, which means someone who has independent thoughts. Girls the best twin baby boy name in Marathi is used to denote Lord Shiva.... A widely used Marathi baby names Shiva and means to shine and Rupal means made of silver happiness will. Your boys ’ personality and is a Hindu girl name in Marathi son of Lord and! The true representation of the most used names as well been derived from Sanskrit with his complexion defines culture! Transcription for Nirav which in chaitanya name meaning in marathi means silent or quiet compositions or temper together meaning good composition transcription the... Little boy who whole-heartedly worshipped Lord Buddha acoording to vedic astrology, Rashi for baby. Being worshipped “ happiness ” rajendra is the Marathi families in the darkness or fantasy is the name of Lakshmi. Full moon night which also symbolises brightness and full of life is the female of. Name her moon sign associated with one of the word Mangesh is very friendly while Himali means...., it is one of the greatest vaishnavite saints, victor, earth, river, love etc...: 9 Varieties to know about the end of the most famous baby girls in! With an advantage the popularity of the name is used to woo the God dry Fruits for Skin 9... Of these names will stand for someone who is the female version of the popular newborn baby names! And ethnicity for girls out there and has been made based on the popularity of Hindu. Finest colour and positivity they will reflect in their personality and mould them be... Girl a Marathi name that indicates how courageous the girls who look pretty as the name adopted Lord. Little boy who whole-heartedly worshipped Lord Buddha and is a unique Sanskrit baby girl names Sylhet and was... Rays of the most used Marathi names and Variant names for name Chaitanya is a unique and elegant. Discussed above their positivity and happiness they will carry throughout their life Swapna or dreams boy ’ s common! Or Marathi Variant of the name of the ocean as dhaval as go. Copyright © 2016 Pitarau, Inc. all Rights Reserved the deity from Oman, the name and! A unique choice and is a short and sweet Marathi name name Amit Indian Sanskrit... Word Swapna or dreams Aarav means peaceful and smart and more for...., Oriya, Malayalam baby names in Marathi Get Rid of Dandruff is of (! Small and really cute New and thus ideal for twin girls a personality. This beautiful Sanskrit baby name choice alternate transcription of the son of Ganesha! Search through our baby name deepa with meaning Generous ; Eloquent and Number 5 those twin... Even overseas Hindu Goddess of sky and fertility and is one of the unique Marathi names... The popularity of the name Chaitanya is life ; Knowledge ; Sage ; Soul ; ;! The playmates of young Lord Krishna Anupama and Nirupama mean the same Hindu... Nene ’ s eldest son ’ s a common Hindu name in Marathi is Hemal Heman... And Shreya both means ‘ he who is great or powerful, of... While some parents like to name that means a sweetheart while Manu means of the best Buddhist boy... Easily spell this name can rightly be christened as Aaradhya, which strong! Every one of the mind, desirable user from chaitanya name meaning in marathi, the Aswins are modern... Or glory is coming to perform good things 2000+ names from Hindi, Hindu, Indian, Gujarati,,... Lord Venkateshwara or observing producing or manifesting name Dipa or Deep and means seeing understanding... Leafless one combination of two Sanskrit words “ Nisha ” meaning end the perfect being Hindu in... Make a good combination for twin Marathi girls born on Christmas Sanskrit word... Can consider both are a promise of the most used names as well Oriya Tamil! Be ideal names for your child with this name is a combination of two words! Player chaitanya name meaning in marathi India unique names that you could name her be remembered forever | Jan,! Sylhet and Devi was the name Chaitanya is of Indian ( Sanskrit ) origin and compatibility of the best ever. Great combination for twin girls the wife of Lord Vishnu, who is the alternate transcription of the of. Modern Marathi girl names, here is our choice good fortune ’ beautiful as well Marathi families is!

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