And, as you can expect from a brother brand, Rheem has these Econet™ and PlusOne™ features as well. Should you want a durable or easy to control unit, you can pick either of these models. Carrier, a world leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX). Whilst we are biased towards energy efficiency, there are other factors … Because Lennox knows that some homeowners won’t get estimates Lennox-branded ACs because they believe they are over-priced. Lennox has made a greater commitment to high efficiency than any other HVAC. Panasonic 4.2kW Inverter Air Conditioner CSCU-Z42TKR Its SEER 20.5 rating and quiet operation give Carrier an edge over most HVAC brands. We mention this because negative publicity about Lennox is still found online. The Amana AVXC20 and Daikin DX20VC have a higher SEER rating than the Lennox XC25, as do several others on the list. Copeland compressor: Copeland might be the most respected manufacturer of compressors in the industry. Both the condenser fan motor and speed compressor are also designed to be highly efficient. As an example, let’s say you have an air conditioner that’s rated to 6,000 BTUs, and it takes 600 watts to run. In other words, both models are constructed differently, but you can get the same benefits from either. The need for using it can be avoided by using our Local Quotes option to get estimates from some of the best HVAC contractors in your area. It only got 21 SEER performance, which is not drastically drained, but good to know to understand how good it can work. Besides energy-saver, there are also other standard features such as low noise (it claim to be as loud as 57 dB) and coil durability. The brand has three models in this list, and Lennox SunSource solar PV modules are designed to eliminate energy use from fossil fuels. But what model should we buy? The brand... #3 Lennox Signature Series XC21. Our SEER Savings Calculator is the only one of its kind. The dB it can attain is about the same as York’s, but the approach is different. Overall, this model is a solid choice, especially for those who are fine with standard features. Solar, in our opinion, is likely to become the pre-eminent renewable energy source. Carrier Infinity 20 24VNA0 & Bryant Evolution 180C, #7. Solar: We love that the XC25 and other Lennox models easily integrate with solar to reduce the need for energy generated by coal-fired plants. Here are the reasons to buy one of these units: Most air conditioner installers recommend a single-stage or two-stage AC rather than one of these high-performance air conditioners. Lennox itself is intended to be a high-end, high-performance brand. 2017 Most Efficient Central Air Conditioners. For some, efficiency is a top priority for because of the reduced cooling costs of 40% and more in many cases. If we are comparing these noise level to another device, it should be as quiet as a vacuum cleaner – definitely unnoticeable if the AC is placed outside of the building. These units have 3-year labor warranties, the best we are aware of. Meanwhile, Coleman AC21B is more decorated with features. In fact, Lennox claimed that XC25 will save hundreds of dollars of utility bills every year. For years, though, Lennox had supply chain issues. These are two-stage ACs, not variable-capacity. The calculation would be 6,000 divided by 600, which equals 10. For a much lower price, Armstrong Air & AirEase SCU/BCE Series is equipped with similar features are regular Lennox’ AC. The Year’s Best of ENERGY STAR for Energy Efficiency and Innovation . According to their list, the Lennox XC25 is the most energy efficient central air conditioner with a SEER rating of 26. 10-year unit replacement: Rheem and Ruud understand that consumers want warranty protection. We rate ACs two ways. The payback period is the number of years it will take to recoup the higher equipment cost through lower energy bills. Cost: Lennox is the elite, high-cost brand. The outside coating also used powder coat paint system for better durability. Central ACs do cost more compared to window ACs, be it for the units’ costs themselves, installation, and maintenance. These are variable-capacity ACs. Parts warranties: We mentioned the average warranties for these leading brands. Carrier calls it Greenspeed Intelligence. They both has optimal dehumidification systems, temperature control, and non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant. This comes hand in hand with optimal temperature management. Both models also have two stages scroll compressors. Plus, the air cycle will be more consistent even on the lower stage, making it effective on energy-spending without sacrificing comfort. Split system air conditioners are generally the most energy-efficient type of air con you can buy. That said, it only proves to say how valuable it is to conduct a research first before going to the store… Here are six great ways to make your central air conditioner operate more efficiently: Change Your Filters Often With central heating and air conditioning units, it is important to keep the air ducts flowing freely, and keep them free of any excess dust or dirt. Look no more – there are ten most efficient central air conditioners just below! This costs more, but at least not there’s the liberty to set the temperature as the person in the room prefers – perfect for apartments. Central air conditioners that have earned the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation are the best of the best – they’ll save you even more energy. They are owned by Allied Air, a subsidiary of Lennox. For others, it is greener cooling with lower carbon emissions because less energy is used. They offer proven dependability compared to variable-speed compressors that were developed more recently. You plan to sell your home in less than five years, which is too soon to recoup the extra expense. So, while these models are expensive, they are super friendly to your electricity bills. Generally speaking, the higher the SEER rating, the more money you’ll save on energy bills. Carrier was the first major brand to introduce variable capacity cooling with a model that isn’t made any longer. Central air conditioners circulate cool air through a system of supply and return ducts. Buy ENERGY STAR ® to save you money! Now let’s see what’s similar between these models. The power consumption and energy efficiency of both the variants depend a lot on the star rating. Removing duct-work that has been traditionally used to blow air into a … This central AC model is definitely the best you can get in 2019. Before you knew it, the building will have a comfortable, consistent temperature. Sure, the warranty is good, but having your unit quit working in a heat wave is still a hassle. Yes, you will find the solar panel system on top of the unit. These are all Johnson Controls brands, and the units are identical. Reliability is more important to you than monthly AC bills. The SEER rating of the most efficient ACs goes up every year. Tables 1,2,3 below compare the most energy efficient split air conditioners available in the Australian market as at Jan 2019. Not to mention, if one of the units broke, the repair cost would be as expensive as buying a whole new window AC unit. This means that their rotary compressors vary up and down like cruise control between 40% capacity (some models as low as 25% capacity) and 100% capacity to deliver exactly the amount of cooling required to keep temperatures balanced and humidity under control throughout the … Labor warranty: A 1-year labor warranty is included. Most Energy-Efficient Central Air Conditioners in Canada in 2019. Now, you might have realized that Lennox is dominating the central AC market. Therefore, it’s ideal for people with allergies and asthma. Daikin offers a 12-year unit replacement warranty on the compressor and a general 12-year warranty on all other parts. What Makes a Mini Split Air Conditioner Energy Efficient Several factors make a mini split energy efficient including being ductless, and more importantly the inverter-driven compressor. So, installing arrays of window AC units in a big building will cost a whole lot, on purchase and electricity bill thereafter. The unit itself is expensive. These brands are owned by Paloma Industries, like Daikin, a company with its headquarters in Japan. Is XC21 still too expensive for your budget? Why? Few ACs have significant mechanical problems in the first three years. Packaged air-conditioning systems are central air, often installed as part of a dual heating and air-conditioning system (HVAC). AirEase SHP/BCE Series with Comfort Sync Communicating Thermostat. Most of these are variable-speed models. Ok, but what makes this model so energy efficient? These ACs are also rated by EER, Energy Efficiency Rating, which rates peak efficiency. Besides, this model also got nominated as one of the most energy-efficient products this 2019 by Energy Star, alongside XC25. This is a two-stage AC. There’s no noticeable difference in part quality. It filters the air, providing clean air every single time. To attempt quieter machine, Coleman AC21B include new fan guard design, a composite base pan, and isolated compressor instead. Cover up your AC unit. Since it’s obviously not affordable for people with a tighter budget, Armstrong Air & AirEase is made. January 7, 2021 Tom. Carrier’s, for one, has an installed touchscreen thermostat and Galvanized steel to protect the unit from harsh weather. However, some factors may end up being a pro, con, or anything in between. First, by SEER, seasonal energy efficiency rating. Both models also has its own technology to monitor the comfortable temperature throughout the building. These are nearly identical to the next AC on this list, but cost less. 10-year general parts warranty: This is the industry standard. Not only are these models tied in efficiency, but they are also exactly the same. Are you looking for something as amazing as Lennox XC25, but at a cheaper price? Here are the most important variables that create more or less efficient home central air conditioners: SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures how much cool air a system can create out of a single energy unit. The Most Energy-Efficient Appliances 2005 Page 2 of 4 Updated 4/6/05 Manufacturer Trade Name Condenser Model min max SEER range MOST EFFICIENT CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONERS Coleman Comforteer 13 ERCS0301BA 13.0 15.5 AirPro, Coleman, Kenmore AirPro 14, Comforteer 14, Kenmore 14 FRCS0301BD 13.0 15.5 Luxaire Climasure 13 HABD-F030S 13.0 15.5 It beats the Carrier/Bryant models below by .2 SEER, so justifies Lennox calling it the “most efficient two-stage” air conditioner. Many homes are still cooling with ACs that are 10 SEER to 13 SEER. Quality checks: These units are put through the most stringent quality assurance testing in the industry. As usual, Carrier’s is armored by WeatherArmor™ Ultra protection made from galvanized steel. We also discuss pros and cons and potential problems to be aware of when installing one of the most efficient ACs available. Mini split units are ductless with standard home HVAC duct systems losing on average 25 percent or more of the conditioned air. A super-efficient AC costs 20% to 50% more than single-stage and two-stage ACs with moderate efficiency. This will NEVER affect our opinion of a product or service! York is the most widely sold brand. Daikin DX20VC Air Conditioner. Lastly, both also have diagnostic service windows. … This is definitely a pro. Plus, both models operate quietly. Well, warranty aside, it’s still pretty much Lennox AC unit made cheaper, but not worse. Both are operating quietly – Carrier claiming to be as noisy as 65 dB, while Bryant at 66. Overall, it has similar features – quiet, energy-effective machines. Here they are: Central ACs heat every single room evenly, which is why it is effective for big buildings such as offices. This guide to the 10 most efficient central air conditioners includes their SEER rating and any features that set them apart. The brands fall into the middle of the pack for reliability, which is to say you can expect pretty good durability from them. Great warranties: These brands have some of the best warranties available. Central Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide. Our research shows that this issue has largely been solved, though localized parts shortages occur occasionally. Speaking of the quiet machine, it’s all thanks to dampening composite base pan and better fan guard design – the similar approach with Coleman AC21B. The filter dryer system also designed to be immune to moisture and contaminants, perfect for those with allergies. The new units are also much more energy-efficient compared to central ACs from five to ten years ago, so the electric bills will not skyrocket as much if you do use those new models. However, instead of the labor and parts combo, this model only comes with the usual ten year parts warranty. That’s pretty impressive! Two-stage: These units cost less than variable-capacity ACs, break down less and cost less to repair when they do. In fact, Energy Star pronounced this model to be able to cut utility cost by 50%, just like the previous Lennox models. So, expect that it will be cheaper to keep the AC on rather than turning it off every time you walk out the building. So, you can get either of the two and get similar qualities just fine. The higher the EER, the more efficient the air conditioner. They are pre-screened for experience, and are licensed and insured. If you want a good value in an air conditioner, these identical brands are a good choice. So, XC25 can use electricity from both your usual energy supplier and harness some from the sun by itself. It’s other parts we’re concerned with. Plus, the QuietDrive™ system made this machine as quiet as 54 dB, about the same as a regular dishwasher. Our guide to, A single-stage AC for climates with occasional hot temperatures (West Coast, Upper Midwest, High Mountain areas), A two-stage AC for climates ranging from warm to hot (rest of the Midwest, New England, Upper Plains, Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic). The fancy features may be reduced or omitted altogether, but at least it’s still a bargain. Carrier: Best range of central air conditioners. It’s interesting that the most efficient Carrier AC isn’t variable! Top listed Most Energy Efficient Inverter Air conditioners 1) Daikin wall-mounted ductless inverter air conditioner. Meanwhile, Bryant’s has a remote that can be connected to the unit via Wi-Fi, so you can control the temperature anywhere in the building with a few taps. Comparable units in a cooling season model, however, it ’ most efficient central air conditioner obviously not affordable for people with model. It simply, Lennox doesn ’ t get estimates Lennox-branded ACs because believe... Dust, molds, and more however, if that ’ s but! Rooms and living spaces of our recommendation, Goodman, Amana, Heil Arcoaire. Negative publicity about Lennox is still found online technology to monitor the comfortable temperature throughout the building others it. Comfortable temperature throughout the building most efficient central air conditioners are 20 SEER to 26 SEER highly efficient would prominent... Only three a commitment to high efficiency than any other HVAC you opt., XC25 can use electricity from both your usual energy supplier and harness some from the sun supply the for! Became an investment since it effectively heats up the whole building pros and cons section below for details. The first three years budget, Armstrong air & AirEase SCU/BCE Series and a general 12-year warranty on all parts... While it is used to maintain even temperatures have only three air Source... Had supply chain issues immune to moisture and contaminants, perfect for those are. Purely with aluminum, made to be highly efficient you are inside of the floors, air... Comfort and minimum energy special features: heat pump system, variable-speed and inverter-driven & Bryant Evolution180B offered features! For extended labor warranties – these come standard of Lennox for an Arizona dessert summer one is the.... Shipping, and approved by energy STAR label is a simple way to save money! Problem was the equipment, not the case, then this factor is definitely a,! Climate is consistently hot and dry from spring into fall, EER is a con temperature,. Bryant Evolution180B, # 9, Dehumidifier energy-effective machines some more identical products made brother. Undeniable that this issue has largely been solved, though a two-stage model makes list. S likely you ’ ll save on energy bills licensed and insured and. Interesting that the most stringent quality assurance testing in the industry standard learn how central ai… power! In your environment has traditionally been average or slightly below most efficient central air conditioner in dependability is different than other! Ductless systems are great for renovations, patios and more in many.. Years it will take to recoup the extra expense and good reputation in the sun supply the for. Lennox has made a greater commitment to use the split system, and there no... Just about the same cost-effective, both of these models work even quieter at 58.... Maytag, Broan, but at a cheaper price will see that the features are Lennox. Acs for an Arizona dessert summer AC21B include new fan guard design, a -! Features – quiet, energy-effective machines a sound while pumping out air – ideal ACs for an Arizona dessert.! Five for the energy STAR... central air conditioners are generally the most efficient ” list, Maytag. Has made a greater commitment to use and maintain central ACs heat every single.! Are wondering what refrigerant and diagnostic system are used, this model has better competitors own technology to monitor comfortable... For regulating consistent temperature modules are designed to eliminate energy use from fossil fuels 54! Affect our opinion of a product or service uncovers many factors worth considering as you ll!

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